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Divine Feminine Yoni Wellness

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 200 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

1. Empowerment Consultation: The journey begins with an empowerment consultation where you and your doula will discuss your personal health history, aspirations, and goals. This is a safe space to express your concerns and desires, fostering an environment of understanding and mutual respect. 2. Goddess Herb Crafting Session: Next, we schedule a Goddess Herb Crafting Session. Here, you and your doula will engage in the sacred act of creating a personalized blend of herbs, each chosen for their specific properties that align with your health and wellness needs. This session is a celebration of nature's gifts and your intuitive power. 3. Sacred Yoni Steaming Session: In the Sacred Yoni Steaming Session, your doula will guide you through this ancient practice, utilizing the custom herb blend you crafted. This session is a tribute to your divine feminine essence, a moment for relaxation, empowerment, and self-love. 4. Reflection and Affirmation Meeting: After your steaming session, you'll have a Reflection and Affirmation Meeting with your doula. Here, you'll discuss your experience, noting any changes in your wellbeing and affirming the steps taken towards your personal health goals. We'll fine-tune your herbal blend or steaming routine based on your reflections. 5. Continued Sisterhood Support: Our service extends beyond the first steam. Divine Feminine Yoni Wellness offers continued support, encouragement, and additional sessions as you need. Your doula is always present to guide you, answer your questions, and share in your journey. 6. Goddess Gathering Workshops: We offer regular Goddess Gathering Workshops focused on different aspects of women's health, including yoni steaming and herb crafting. These workshops are an opportunity to connect with a community of empowered women, learning and growing together. Our Divine Feminine Yoni Wellness service is an invitation to embrace the power of natural healing and feminine spirituality. We honor each woman's unique journey and look forward to supporting you in your path to holistic wellness.

Contact Details

Parkland, FL, USA

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